TRUR2186 – Professional Engagement

Skill Audit

Media SkillsSkilledProficientSome experience 
Adobe CC Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects & Premiere Pro x
Adobe CC Illustrator, Dimensions & inDesignx
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)x
Analytical Skillsx
Palette/Colour Management (Style consistency)x
Social Media (Trend Following)x
Generating Content for Social Media Outletsx
Evaluating Emerging Digital Technology Toolsx
Microsoft Office Skillsx
Operating Digital Video Camerasx
Usability Testingx
Done Photographyx
Web Metricsx

Transferable skills
Communication Skills x
Rapport (Client Relations)x
Project Managementx
Attention to Detailx
Organizational Skillsx

Mini Bio

My name is Jordan Hammond. I’m a creative, my joy comes from experimental techniques and emerging technologies/trends. Untied to a singular medium my main traits are within music production, drone photo/videography and graphic design.

I often consider myself to be a social-introvert. I find balance within my days at the gym, surfing and Muay Thai to independent working. Thanks to this I work well as a team and independently. Alongside my education, I work in sales. I chose this profession as it has really opened my ability to quickly build rapport, communication skills and organisation skills. These skills have taken shape within my independent client work for companies such as Costa, Cornwall Pride and Cornwall Mining Heritage.

All of these choices are ones I have made to taylor myself into a career in marketing. Marketing is the perfect combination of creative, trend following, communicative and attentive to detail; all things I consider myself to be.


Careers Research

What career do you wish to pursue?

Marketing. But what is marketing? Well… marketing by definition is promotion and advertising in relation to research. But what is it as a job roll? Usually marketing isn’t a singular role, it’s a team and that team consists of multiple specific tasks. Depending on the company size you get job roles that can be more or less specific than others. Currently my career aspirations start in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing as an individual roll is the management of social outlets within the company such as twitter, facebook and instagram. On the surface it involves aspects of public relations, advertising and copywriting. Behind the scenes you’re leading the strategies in connection to the rest of the marketing team. This job role has a massive variety of opportunities depending on the company size. In larger organisations that employ graphic designers your role will be strategically focussed, meanwhile, in smaller companies you could be involved with the whole creative process.

According to there are no set qualifications to becoming a social media manager. Although I know how hotly contested the jobs are within my area that either experience or education is required but “Employers often view personal qualities, existing knowledge and experience as equally important to a degree”.

Salary depends on experience and can range from £19,000 to £23,000 as a starter with up to £60,000 with experience. but due to the wide roles within a marketing team it can lead to other opportunities.

Professional practitioner

Social Media Marketers aren’t creatively famous in the same aspects as photographers. Most who succeed end up leading into better things. One knotable example is Neil Patel. While studying marketing at California State University he co-founded Crazy Egg – an analytic software that allows website owners to see what visitors are doing when they visit your site through “heatmaps” of visitor’s clicks. Now he is a Founder of self-named Neil Patel Digital where he helps grow companies through digital strategies. Forbes has listed him as one of the top 10 marketers, his whole ethic is towards growth over creative making him an ideal professional influencer to one half of the aspects in my chosen career path.

Exhibition opportunities

Local to Cornwall we have a few events held by innovation centers. Similar to Ted talks in specific areas often get invited to social media and business talks through LinkedIn.

Once you work for a larger brand you don’t have to focus on so much information as you’re creating awareness over selling. These types of campaigns are usually showcased online and are treated like a festival with events around holidays companies often compete for the best advertisements.

Client Feedback

I think aiming at a 16-25 demographic will be fine as there is quite a lot of marketing to the older demographic on the website at the moment and as the FE students have not been in college since March it would be good to remind them what the college is doing and what it offers in terms of HE, particularly if they now feel they don’t want to leave Cornwall to study.

  • If promoting HE courses at the college think about expanding the target demographic beyond 16-25 unless you can provide market research that shows that this is the key desirable target market.
  • How will you secure footage in the current partial lockdown? If it’s location shooting will there be sufficient ‘buzz’ about what you are capturing to make the piece ‘snappy/catchy’?
  • Is focusing on both local and out-of-county applicants an approach that risks not appealing to either? Maybe pick one and target them?
  • Clarify what you mean by producing a video using existing content? Whose? What footage?
  • There needs to more specificity overall, I don’t get a real sense of what will actually be in the materials? There needs to be a balance between arousing curiosity, engaging interest and information. Maybe develop a key slogan or mission statement first and work backwards from there?


Produce one of the following project for the marketing department of Truro and Penwith College;

  1. Produce 3 animated GIFS/cinemagraphs and a 1 minute moving image sequence (you can use stills, moving image clips, animation and graphics) that promotes the college and lets people know it is still operating and lessons are continuing at home. Or
  1. Produce 3 animated GIFS/cinemagraphs and a 1 minute moving image sequence that shows the colleges support and thanks to key workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Or
  1. Produce 3 animated GIFS/cinemagraphs and a 1 minute moving image sequence that promotes the HE courses available to sign up for next academic year 2020/21.

You may use images and clips from the college’s social media platforms and website and anything else you may already have at home. You may wish to get sound bites and interviews online and add to your project or use Sound Snap for audio files. 

You must firstly research your ‘client’ (i.e. the college) and the specific project you are going to do the work for. This must be added to the Professional Engagement booklet. You must then write up your proposal and submit it to me. I will pass it on to someone in either the marketing department or HE management. They will check your proposal is appropriate and possibly make suggestions. They will sign off your proposal so you can get on with the work. You will need to submit a finished version to them before half term so they can have a look at the work and give you feedback and you can then make any suggested adjustment before the final deadline on 4th June.

The college logos will be available on Moodle to use in your work.


This project is about promoting the HE courses available to sign up for the next academic year. The main medium will be a 1-minute video showcasing local experiences and academic activities. I aim to focus more directly at a certain demographic compared to previous advertisements.

Alongside the 1-minute video, I will also produce 3 animated GIFS/cinemagraphs. One that “shows the colleges support and thanks to key workers during the coronavirus pandemic”, another that “promotes the HE courses available to sign up for next academic year 2020/21” and a third that “lets people know it [Truro & Penwith college] is still operating and lessons are continuing at home”. These follow each of the 3 briefs within the college briefing pack.

My 1-minute project aim is to make something gripping to my own demographic with an aimed showcase of social media and YouTube. I feel a snappy/catchy approach will attract an audience within the 16-25 age without any focus on gender, sexuality or income. I will also include some of my own footage of local spots to give it a familiar feel to locals which will also work as advertisement for those not local.

The tempo of music can influence how long people look at content such as adverts before skipping, an enticing intro created by music could draw in more views leading to a widerspread of the information within. I plan on producing a video with already existing content through the company’s current outlets such as YouTube and moodle. I will recompose the footage into an upbeat montage being sure to note down any elements that require licensing with a source link. I took inspiration for this from videos such as montages and festival after movies which always have a feel-good approach over battering information. I will still convey the information with soundbites from interviews or text.

My project will be submitted online due to the pandemic, along with all the information and sources I use. I will also submit multiple formats allowing the marketing department to showcase the content however they want to, wherever they want to, if they want to.

Production GIF/Cinemagraph 1

For this production I’m starting in Photoshop. I want to create a rainbow with clouds either end which I will later animate in After Effects.

I will be making everything by hand with shapes and then applying textures and drop shadows to create depth.

The clouds are made from multiple circles and ovals with an added paper texture.

I followed this Rainbow Colour Scheme, applied each colour to a rectangle, connected them and then applied a polar coordinates filter. Mask off half the circle and you’re left with a rainbow. I then applied a wall-paint texture.

From here I open the Photoshop PSD in After effects which then converts all the layers into compositions using the exact positions from Photoshop. This means it looks identical I can just create keyframes to animate.

Thanks to Adobe Media Encoder which I’ve learnt more of since my last gifs I can now quickly export gifs straight from After Effects instead of going through photoshop and getting stuck with render settings; Adobe has a presset. This is where I’m currently at…

Next I’ll add in some animated text with the colleges logo. Here is my final image.

Take Away

I sent this to three friends including someone who works with the NHS and they all loved it. While I love the animation I’ve made it doesn’t fully follow my clients current media. If I was to produce this again I would have based the colours from the companies current media outlets to create something that matched their style better. This is something I will carry over to the remainder of the brief.

Production GIF/Cinemagraph 2&3

From my takeaway on the first GIF I want to research the clients current outlets and take notes of their format.

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Have you heard of our academies? 👩‍🔬👨‍🎨👩‍💻🤾‍♂️⁣ ⁣ As a full-time student you could join one of our academies. Whether your interest is sporting, academic or artistic, we have created programmes and support to help you excel.⁣ ⁣ As part of any academy you will enjoy additional time to focus on your area of interest or expertise, ensuring that your time at Truro and Penwith College is both full and varied while equipping you with the additional skills and focus to go on to succeed and excel at university or in the workplace. ⁣ ⁣ Academy activities are included into your timetable, enabling you to access as much as possible without interfering with your studies. ⁣ ⁣ Choose from Academies like Art & Design, Cricket Academy, Women's Football Academy and many more. ⁣ ⁣ To find out our top three reasons to join an academy at Truro and Penwith College, head to our stories.⁣ ⁣ For the full list of academies available, head to the link below 👇⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ Academies can only be joined in conjunction with a full-time programme of study.⁣ ⁣ Applications for all of our courses are still open. To find out how to apply contact Truro on 01872 267000 or Penwith on 01736 335000 or email #truropenwithcollege #cornwall #student #academy #college

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Here is a media marketing strategy/theme i’ve found from their Instagram. They all have the same font, layout and composition.

They start on the pictured frame, cut to a countdown from 3 and then show 3 photographs from the appropriate course. The text is all capitalized, using a bold straight font which looks like Impact. The interchangeable course/subjects name is white on top of a coloured rectangle opposing the colour of the background. They don’t use any drop shadows or highlights so it appears very flat in design.

These two gifs were made usings artboards, this means they can easily be edited in photoshop. Meaning you can create loads of gifs for different courses fast. If I had more time to complete this then I would interview some student from each course and use their feedback. I would also work with the client on what colours and length of gif they would like.

Previously for this module I had two clients I was communicating with. One was for a hotel chain in Cornwall which wanted a property tour video with use of my drone which I was really interested in creating. These projects were going to be done as real freelance opportunities but got cut off when the lockdown started. I had to take this open brief from the college as I had no way to produce work in time for the other clients without traveling. I found it hard to get creative with the brief as the client already had a marketing campaign running that was similar content to the brief. Without being able to do my own video or photography I found it incredibly stressful. If I was to go back and redo this brief I would ignore the college’s current marketing and produce the same content but with more motion graphics and information. If I could redo the whole module I would look at getting in contact with some small family businesses and offer some free graphics/advertising services.

Within the final week of this project I was approached by a local fitness shop asking for help advertising online with facebook and instagram. A brief like this would have been better. I know what the client wants, where it’s going to be held and what their target audience is. I didn’t have that level of understanding with Truro college, the brief was so open I was lost on ideas and found it hard to concentrate on ideas. Being locked in also didn’t help with my creativity. As I wasn’t in direct communication with the person I was doing the work for i felt disconnected from the work and didn’t have enough of an idea what they wanted.

Although the pandemic has made the module harder it’s given me a chance to reflect on my work ethic. Outside of education, briefs aren’t perfect. Clients are often unsure of what they want, that’s why they come to someone like me. I should have been able to make the brief work for me and interpreted its openness as an opportunity to get creative. Next time I would follow the clients feedback much more closely and looked at more research into my target audience. I would also try harder at communicating to get information such as market research and treated the brief as if it was my own personal freelance client.

The first gif I produced is my highlight of the module, although it was simple I discovered some new techniques on working between photoshop and after effects. I also got to grips with encoding, meaning my future exports will be easier to do and better optimized, reducing file size. This was also the only part of the brief I managed to share and get feedback on which helped me to improve my final gif.

Overall I’m disappointed with my outcome for this module, it could have had potential if we were not dealing with a pandemic. I could have produced my own drone footage, done interviews to get information from students about their courses and would have talked to my peers to bounce off each other’s ideas.