TRUR2185 – Promotion and Exhibition


For this module, we need to display our work publicly in a professional exhibition. As this will have an immediate audience I will be looking at something I haven’t yet explored in depth; compositions.

Composition by definition.

In most creative suites a composition is the name of the overall project file. It contains multiple layers (ingredients) what make up the final piece (mixture).

Thanks to group planning we already have a venue lined up. Between 7 of us, we’re splitting rent for Old Bakery Studio in Truro. We’re arranging for the exhibition to take place on January 10th.

Inspiration for Idea

As a self-educated editor I spent a lot of my editing time looking at tutorials, with YouTube (the place I found most of these tutorials) it’s too easy to get stuck in a rabbit hole and venture down a road of related videos. Ones that where always recommended on the sides of my tutorials where the photo-manipulations.

Photo-manipulation is a wide term as it could be just related to a simple bit of editing in an already done piece of photography or it could be using a composite of different images, edited together to make an entirely new image. Wikipedia describes it as…


Here are some famous photo-manipulation artists that use compositions that i have taken inspiration from.

José Reis

One of the first composition artists I’ve followed José has done multiple digital art pieces. They all capture stories in individual prints. While they’re unrealistic his attention in post creates such a smooth blend between our interpretation of reality and his imagination.

Riccardo Bagnoli

Originally starting off as a fashion photographer Bagnoli built himself a profile and moved into the advertising space with his unique take. His photography is met with over attention in post-editing that give these surreal images that focus on their messages and stretch out of proportions. I love his editing techniques and his use of HDR and colours. If I focus with a subject this would be particularly inspirational.

Luisa Azevedo

Luisa is an artist I’ve recently discovered through Instagram. She creates these surreal scenes. They all have the same faded affect and all use a mix of compositions. Her style and format is something i will be taking inspiration from in this project. I especially love how she seamlessly blends multiple objects together.

Style Ideas



In Luisa’s work, I particularly like her washed out pastille colours.