TRUR1190 – Applied Factual Production

Brainstorming Ideas

Idea One – ‘Pepe the frog’

the internets hateful but laughable pet

A meme seen and shared by the majority of people on the internet ‘Pepe the frog’ is actually a story involving copyright laws, EU articles, American politics and alt-right movements. What originated as a comic by Matt Furie called Boy’s Club has now turned into a hot topic through multiple internet phases. I want to look into these phases using accurate factual knowledge and research, to then present in such a way that will appeal to a target audience similar to whom I’m investigating.

After some quick planning, I’ve settled on an overall production style. A large part of this project will be self-research. Compared against other documentaries where interviews are done and then a story is produced through post composition I’ll be compiling all the information myself and then producing a voiceover. This will then be coupled with animations and pictures to reflect the information and at other times give comical references. This piece will have a large comedy tone with a base feel of visuals that say ‘I don’t care’ or ‘I’m not taking this seriously’ while still laying out real research and evidence similar to a video essay.

The intent behind this video essay is mostly to appeal to a different audience, people on the internet who make light of situations such as this are considered ‘trolls’ and there often isn’t much content designed at that level of humour other then what is produced by themselves. I plan on using mockery that I’ve seen in games and other videos as well as the use of other memes and subtle funny references.

Idea Two – ‘Music and the Mind’

As a creative on of the many things that influences and gets my mind flowing is music. Mathematically and psychologically linked, music has profound effects on the mind. Tapping into those links I want to explore why music is such a influence on so many and how it’s helped those less-abled. Below is a mind map of ideas…

Compared to my other idea this is more professional and could potentially have better opportunities. Upon further research into my local area I found one school that specialises in music therapy. Alone on their website they have some remarkable stories of personal development and prove the effectiveness of music therapy.


While Idea One has a solid story and a potentially good link to a strong audience I feel professionally the second idea ‘Music and the Mind’ will have a much better outcome on my portfolio and also gives me the opportunity to do something nice for a charitable organisation. As I feel like this potential collaboration is a key component to my documentary and would be my primary focus it’s best if i contact them during early pre-production as a well-managed and government funded organisation will have certain requirements and elements they need in any piece of media linked to them or affiliated in anyway.


Before I start production on a treatment and proposal I’m going to send a letter/email to the organisation and see if they’re open to the idea of a collaboration. Here is a copy of the letter I’m sending. As this is a real organisation, professionalism is key.

Plot Twist…

Unfortunately after a couple of emails I lost contact with the organisation. I tried to contact them back but no answer, while this project would have been amazing due to time I must unfortunately choose a different topic. A couple of months I had a couple approach me asking if I could do their wedding photography. They had contacted me through recommendations on a previous wedding I had photographed to which they had attended. I set up an appointment to meet them at Costa to talk about the event, what things they wanted and their requirements. I told them to bring a guest list with a shot list of different photos they wanted as well as an example of photos they liked. When we met we discussed all of these things and more, they told me the main thing they liked about my photos from other wedding was how candid a lot of my photos were and that they wanted to keep that same theme.Unfortunately after a couple of emails I lost contact with the organisation. I tried to contact them back but no answer, while this project would have been amazing due to time I must unfortunately choose a different topic.

Here is the key information I got from them…

  • The ceremony is at Heartlands in Pool, Cornwall.
  • After the ceremony, they’ll head over to a local hotel for the reception.
  • I’m welcome to stay as long as I like and they sorted all my accommodation and expenses.
  • Other then candid shot they have no specific shots they’d like done.

From this information, the main thing I need to research is the locations.

Location – Heartlands

“Heartlands is a FREE visitor attraction and World Heritage Site Gateway in Cornwall. Nestled just off the A30 in Pool, near Redruth in the former mining heart of Cornwall, there are 19 acres of eclectic fun to explore.”

I’ve been to Heartlands many times as it is a local place I’ve been to Heartlands many times as it is a local place. I know good spots within heartlands but I don’t want to plan/script too much as they’ve asked for candid photos.

Instead of drawing up a shot list I’m going to prepare areas of interest. Based on the information and location here are places/things to keep in mind.

1 – Mineshaft. Heartlands has a big metal shaft with the coring flag sailing above.

2 – Car. I was told a surprise vintage car would be used as part of the ceremony.

3 – Hotel Lobby. Using the interior of the hotel to plan some shots, places like the stairs.

The first will be a Canon that has a short 18mm – 55mm lens, this allows me to get things directly in front of me, perfect for portraits and documenting photos.

The Second will be a Nikon that has a longer-ranged 180mm – 300mm lens, this will be ideal for those more candid, storytelling shots.

Production – Wedding Day and Editing

As per the schedule on the day I met them at the first location, heartlands in preparation for the ceremony. Now that it’s been set up I quickly checked out the layout, configured the camera based on the lighting that was available (setting white balance and doing a light-measurement).

As this is a wedding and isn’t a completely planned event I had to improvise, using my photography skills to spot events/stories to document. The only time I broke character to organise shots was when I wanted to do the family photos (the shot-list they planned) or when I saw posing opportunities. I continued the day floating around, taking photos until 11pm where I had taken around 1200 photos. Hyped on the atmosphere I had just left I went home and instantly imported all of those photos to lightroom and started to remove those that were duplicates, out of focus or unflattering. This is the first stage of the editing process. Here’s the plan…

  • Reduce library by filtering out the unwanted photos.
  • Bulk edit photos that were taken at similar conditions.
  • Go through each individual photo making changes.
  • Compare photos of similar composure, eliminating weakest.
  • Perfect and Finalise
  • Export. Once at full resolution and again at quarter size with watermark.

A couple of days later I had completed the first filter stage. I was left with 540 photos. This meant that more than half of my photos where multiple shots or changes in focus. Photos that are similarly composed but have minimal differences I leave together, this means I can make a decision when it comes to the finalisation stage, this is where I can check everyone’s faces etc.

After doing some weddings in the past I’ve learnt a few tricks that help me. One of the biggest is using colour labels. By setting colours to specific stages it helps me to remember what I’ve done and what is left. I go off a traffic light-style system.

Red = Attention required.

Orange = Quickly edited, unfinalised.

Greed = Completed

Editing is a long tedious process and using this makes it easy for me to drift in and out of stages, this means when I have a spare few moments I can jump straight into editing without spending time figuring where I am.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to document about the editing. I often tend to jump around, pick out a few different pictures I like and then finalise them so the client has something to go off, get excited about and post. Here are the first samples I sent them, I’ll show them beside their unedited versions.

They were really impressed with the sample photos I had sent them just a couple of days after the wedding so now I just needed to crack on and finish the remaining photos.

1 Week Later and all the editing was done. 280 Pictures remain after all the finalising, now it’s time to show the client and check to see if they’re happy with the results, this is where I also check to see if the client has any improvements or final work they want doing.

Fortunately, the client was really happy, they were scared that certain people and things didn’t get photographed as people disappeared throughout the day. I managed to do everything they wanted and even took some photos that they wanted me to re-adjust into black and white. After doing those improvements there was a final total of 285 photographs which I will now show below.

The client was very happy with my work they asked if I could produce a photobook for them, due to my lack of ability to print I will have to use a third-party but am willing to take on the task.

From previously having to print I know that the site vista print is one of the best/easiest printing sites to use. After selecting photo books on their website it prompted me with a downloadable tool. Installing this meant that I could import all the photos and design the book from my own device, this saves loads of time as the uploading of photos is done after the book has been designed. Their tool just means I select what photos I want on which pages and then it does most of the hard work.

After selecting which photos I want on which pages I then had to go through each page, select the layout and adjust.

Next, I created a duplicate of my favourite image, made it black and white, added a title in Photoshop. This will now be used as the cover.

Once it was all complete and had been checked over by someone else I ordered it. Gave it to the client and they were really impressed. Below I’ll include the entire gallery.