TRUR1188 – Moving Image Techniques


This project aims to “showcase your film-making skills”, most of my filming abilities are abstract. I enjoy editing, animating and photography. To turn that into a film I’ll be turning to my favourite type of photography; Drone.

Drones are unique in the world of photography as they are a whole other tool. The ability to take a photograph from a perspective that would usually require some form of aviation can now be done from a smartphone, it’s a movement I’m fully into. I’m fortunate enough to live in such a place where all of these beautiful bits of nature are readily available and that’s what I’d like to make my video about. I want to showcase one of my hobbies with my film-making skills.

For my video, I want to produce a montage of clips taken from multiple locations around Cornwall. This is perfect as I enjoy nothing more than packing away my equipment, going for a drive and finding hidden wonders. For my filming, I’m going to plan a road trip where I’ll travel to a few different locations, film some sites and anything else that potentially happens. I’m new to drone flying so it’ll be interesting to learn a few techniques and try out the different features.

This project doesn’t have a specific narrative or message other than to be a b-roll of my drone videography. I will not need to consider any unethical views, script or storyboard. Instead, I will be looking at some locations, get a rough idea of what I want to film and then wing most of the production, sort of like a blog. I will, however, need to take into consideration my budget, the equipment I have available and point of interest to the film.

Because I’m completing this module as an extension I can’t get equipment from the university as its past the hire date. Therefore I’ll be limited to the equipment I have at home, thankfully I have my own Drone so the key equipment is fine. I was hoping to blog the drive between locations but I guess I’ll have to leave that part out as I also don’t have any sound recording equipment either. Due to the lack of sound, I’ll also have to use a track, this means that if I use a copyrighted track I’ll be limited to educational purposes. If I was to use a track I’d want to use an instrumental one. This could be something I make myself.

As this is a personal trip I don’t have a budget to stick to. I do however have to take into account things such as fuel, food and other travel expenses. I have also set aside some money for extra equipment such as multiple ND and UV filters for the drone. This will allow me to block out sun reflections getting better images in harsh light.


Location One – North Cliffs

One of my all-time favourite spots is North Cliffs. It’s a lovely walk that spans from Portreath to Hayle. There are miles of coastline, hidden beaches and cliffs. Cornwall is nothing without its coastline and North Cliffs is a major part of that coastline.

Location Two – Hayle

This second stop is my most popular place to go on sunny days. Hayle is the town next to what I feel is the best beach in Cornwall. It’s has a harbour that goes through the beach leading to the sea, if you get there at the right time you can capture boats trawling in and out.

Location Three – Sennen Cove

This time of year lands end always has great spectacles. I’ve often seen sharks, whales and dolphins. One place close by is Sennen. I’ve never actually been here before so this will be a nice addition. I recently found out there is the remains of a broken ship in one of the coves so I plan on walking from Sennen to the cove where hopefully I should be able to fly down and film some of the remains.

Here are all three spots on one map. you can see there’s an easy route between them although Sennen is a bit of a drive.

Final Product


I had a great time filming this project. I feel like I got to grips with using the drone. My movements throughout the project started getting smoother. My abilities on how to navigate and the use of features widened. For example, one shot was the car driving away to which I used the tracking feature by DJI.

Where I shined during this project was the editing stage. The use of UV and ND filters on the recording meant when it came to the colour correcting stage everything looked amazing. The sea in all of the shots with an ND filter looks so clear I couldn’t believe it. This justified the money and I have since purchased the same filters for my DSLR as I couldn’t believe the difference it makes. During the recording, I tested out the different strengths of ND as the sun changed throughout the day and I needed to adjust the camera accordingly.

One thing I wish I could have done for this project that would have improved my video would be to create a blog-style narrative. Film myself travelling and document my filming. This would have allowed me to showcase my sound recording abilities and use more equipment showing off more of a ranger of film-making abilities. If I were to redo this project I would have added more locations and make the road trip longer. This would have given me the chance to strap a GoPro inside and create a summer vibed road trip video, Maybe even produce it as a music video.

Where I chose the style of montage I didn’t get to incorporate any of my own sounds, if I had to redo this again but was in a similar position with the sound equipment again then I could have shown off another ability that’s linked with film-making and that’s mixing. Mixing some tracks which I could potentially source to be copy-write free (unlike the music I did use), this means I could have shared the video to a wider audience. If it was copy-write free then the video would make for a perfect advertisement piece for Cornwall. It showcases some of the videos in a very professional way. Sennen Cove, the location of the shipwreck would make for a good attraction as it’s somewhere I instantly wanted to visit when I saw the wreckage. Finding more locations like that to film would be amazing. I have since sources a couple of more, maybe outside of the course, I could produce a series of videos showcasing different locations.

Overall I’m happy with my outcome and it’s a video I want to show off. Net time its a case of using the time more efficiently to plan and record. This is something I will take with me to the next year of the course.