TRUR1187 – Photographic Techniques

Social Documentary Photography


Option – Wedding

Weddings are one of the biggest social events one would throw during their life. The majority of photographers have done a wedding at some point in their life.

Both frozen action and staged shots have very similar properties that I want to include in my shoot, these include…

  1. Desaturated – Looking at wedding photos on social media I’ve noticed a trend in black and white editions of photos. The rustic look enhanced contrast and adds more detail and story to the photo.
  2. Contrast – Along with the monochrome effect depth of field is a great way to single out a focus and enhance the story within the photo.
  3. Flowers – You can’t have a wedding without flowers.
pasted image 0

I love how my social documentary photo came out. Doing a live photo shoot at a real wedding was nicer then compared to a planned shoot but it came with difficulties. It’s hard to plan light and background positioning. Fortunately, I knew the location and after post editing, I’m happy with how the photos came out.

Studio Photography


Option – Silly Photo-booth

Studio Photography can often be tedious as they all share similarities. Another trend I’ve found at weddings and social events is a pop-up photo booth where people are having ‘silly’ photos taken. When given objects people tend to be more creative and expressive allowing for more natural faces and actions.

Here are some things I want my photos to contain…

  1. Objects – Providing objects and face paints will allow me to get more natural and expressive models.
  2. Bright – Having a fully portable studio with lighting means my photo booth will be different compared to the black-backed photos I found examples of.
pasted image 0 (3)

I’m proud of how my unplanned photos came out. Providing the objects and setting up the lighting in advanced meant people could come in and get photos done quick and we’re still really expressive and fun. Within all of my shoots, it’s nice to see real smiles and happiness compared to forced model smiles.

Landscape Portraiture Photography


Option – Droneception

Following my idea for Landscape, I’d like to add a subject. Having a wacky portrait of yourself online always grabs attention so I shalt be short of models. Most of the same techniques will apply but creativeness is all about experimenting. I plan on changing most of the key features…

  1. Leading Lines – Breaking the leading lines to make a subject stand out.
  2. Lighting – Photographing outside you’re limited to one source of light; natural. To ensure my images blend well the lighting will have to be diffused else shadows will be hard to edit in post. This means waiting for overcast or shooting sunrise or set.
  3. Symmetry –  Along either side of the leading line ideally to be symmetrical else it could ruin the simplicity. This is obviously out of my control if there isn’t a location available.

The editing process behind the photos is tedious, resulting in one combined final photo. Because of the equipment and the weather I had to replan the photo shoots multiple times. Unfortunately, I couldn’t plan against the weather too much but the slight wind allowed for more detail thanks to the rougher tide. I’m happy with how my final photo came out. The colours of the different layers of the tide against the sand work well. The choice to have the model wear a bright article also worked really well.

Landscape Portraiture.jpg

Landscape Photography


Option – Drone

Drones are ever now more popular due to their ease of use and their decline in price. They’re a huge hit on social media and offer photographers the ability to capture photos that originally would have been impossible without large amounts of kit or use of aviation vehicles.

For this to follow Landscape I’ll want to follow some of these key points I’ve taken from other drone photographers.

  1. Saturation – A lot of the drone photos on Instagram tend to have either a highly over or under saturated tone. Mostly caused by the filters used but also largely because of the
  2. Lighting – Photographing outside you’re limited to one source of light; natural. To ensure my images blend well the lighting will have to be diffused else shadows will be hard to edit in post. This means waiting for overcast or shooting sunrise or set.
  3. Flatness – When shot directly down in birds eye a lot of these drone photos have a weird sensation as they shot at an angle humans aren’t naturally meant to see from.

One particular account I follow on Instagram is @fromwhereidrone. The account specialises in reposting drone photography with contests and giveaways. Here is a cut from their feed.

pasted image 0 (2).png

Following these styles, I set out on a photo shoot along the Cornish coast and took these three photos. In post, I desaturated two and boosted the colours of another. The birdseye photo is my favorite for the point I previously mentioned about unseen angles. I love how the separation between land and water is so vivid and detailed.

Still Life Photography


Option – Cakes

Cake photography on social media is very weak. Wedding cakes have a lot of detail to them and often reflect the whole event. Their positioning and surroundings are often planned so why not capture it all on location. One thing I’d like to change is foregrounds/backgrounds. Having out of focus details within the foreground and background will add more depth to the photo.

pasted image 0 (1)

To add more depth compared against other photos I looked at I got a bunch of flowers and placed them around the lens giving the effect you can see in the final shots.I love how they make it look like I am peering at the cake giving it a dreamy hidden vibe.

On-location Photography


Option – Wedding

With on-location photography, it’s generally focused around fashion and background detail. Thanks to other shoots planned I want to include my wedding photography in this shoot as well. The wedding I’m attending for this shoot will be on a converted mine allowing for some excellent photos if placed and planned correctly.

Here are some things I need to plan and aim for…

pasted image 0 (4).png

One of my photos, the one with the flag in the background was planned. The arrival of the car was all improvised and I’m happy with the outcome. I especially like the detail in the background thanks to the choice of location.