Getting my Internship

As the clock struck for 2021 the UK entered lockdown 3.0 and spending time on my own, confined in my own space; It got me thinking about life, my career, prospects, and how I want to progress myself this year. I love my ability to create but unfortunately, most employers don’t consider this a primary skill. Alongside my education for the past 7 years, I’ve been working in retail. The skills I’ve learned in selling are invaluable and I realized bridging these two skills would increase my employability.

Google, the biggest platform for digital marketing, offers a range of courses online – all completely FREE!

I completed their course on the Fundamentals of Marketing, got a certificate, and decided to press on and look for an apprenticeship. At that moment I found an Internship going in my area. It’s a three-month commitment, basically no pay but if successful it would be incredible on my CV. It started in the job application that passion is more relevant than education – bingo. Thanks to my marketing course by Google I decided to create a plan.

Marketing is all about being present. When advertising you have to evident your product’s features and place it in front of your target audience – so I did just that.

I reworded my LinkedIn profile, added my google certification, and followed the foundation’s social channels – I even checked out the director’s profile, as I know on LinkedIn you get notified for this.
After this, I continued to complete more courses and expand my knowledge including WordPress, hosting, etc. A week passed and I checked up on the application, it had been cut off early with 200 applicants! – This is where I got a little nervous, I live in a rural area with a prestigious creative advertising university around the corner. While I had confidence in my ability I felt like experience would drown me out at this rate however on LinkedIn, I had a profile view, from the director of the foundation! A few days passed and I received an email saying I had been shortlisted with 5 others – at this point, I knew the position was mine.

I got sent a load of reading material to study before the interview and I instantly formed links to my sales experience and the foundation’s goals.

To cut a long story short, I had the interview, told them the links, told them a nice story and a week later they offered me the position. This has opened my eyes to the possibilities of employment if you just put in the effort. Other than concern for time, my education wasn’t mentioned!

My ending point is if you’re persistent on something and can be evident in your passion – anything is possible.